Thursday Thoughts

– How much would you love to have a personal shopper?! A girl can dream. Thankfully, my friend, Kim, introduced me to the neatest idea: Stitch Fix! For $20 they send you 5 items in the mail. In the privacy of your own home you can try them on and decide what you would like to keep. If you keep something, that $20 go towards the purchase price, if you don’t they keep your $20 for the service. I’m currently on the waiting list, but I will be sure to share that experience as it comes!

– It’s a good thing I didn’t tell you all about my resolution to go the gym more and give up soda. Because I’m failing miserably.

– Kim also showed me a hilarious blog (yes, she teaches me a lot!). For those of you easily offended by language, I suggest you don’t check it out. But, for someone like me, who is easily entertained and whom can also be accused of having the mouth of a sailor at times, I thought it was great. I’ll admit the cussing DID get a little distracting, but nonetheless, it’s a breath of fresh air! Check out Thug Kitchen.


– Last Friday, I attended an information session for law school. Today, in this hour, in this minute, I am leaning that direction. Stay tuned for the next time I change my mind.

– Beginning in March I began participating in 5 Dinners 1 Hour. It’s awesome for weeks you know you’re going to be crazy busy. Not all of them are ideal my husband’s palate, but there are definitely some goodies in there! I just received month two!


– Don’t I live in a beautiful place? This was taken on the only “oh the sun actually exists” day this week.

– Every morning on the way to work, my husband and I listen to Elvis Duran and the Morning Show. Addicted. Each day, Carla Marie does “What’s Trending,” which is how I learned of the Daily Grommet. They have so many unique things – I’m currently coveting the iPhone case that can store money, credit cards, and other important things.


– These are amazinggggg. I bought them on a whim, then they sat in my pantry for literally 3 months. I finally had the courage to try them this week – and wow! They’re really good! A great mid-day snack.

– Last I checked Wisconsin wasn’t considered monsoon territory. Maybe I need to check again?


One response to “Thursday Thoughts

  1. I LOVE your Thursday Thoughts. I feel like I get to know you even better, lol!

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