Lean, Mean, Baking Machine!

What a weekend! The weather was fantastic and my husband and I got so much done! I’m amazed at how much the weather impacts my mood – and how I don’t realize it until it’s gorgeous outside and I’m on cloud 9!

Friday, we did a little shopping. I finally purchased a Magic Bullet to aid in my participation of the 30-day Smoothie Challenge. The blender we had was a joke. I’ve wanted to drop kick it so many times, so I figured before I actually resorted to that, it was best for everyone I just got a new one. We also had plans to buy a Sharkie floor steamer (Deluxe version!), but sadly, Costco had sold out. No worries, it was ordered off their website before we even made it back to the car. And that, my friends, is how I know I’m a real adult. Real excitement over a blender and a floor steamer. Yikes.

I also tried to bake my first homemade loaves of bread. I grabbed the recipe from a friend’s blog and it was an epic failure. Epic. When the dough didn’t rise, I tried to salvage it anyway. Wishful thinking didn’t do shiz and they ended up in garbage the next morning.



Saturday was splendid. I was up pretty early and got a 3 1/2 mile run in. The first real run I’ve had in ages. I was supposed to be running a half marathon, so I figured 3 1/2 miles was the last I could do! Craig and I made some chocolate pancakes that were amazing and I made some of his favorite blueberry muffins. I also tried a different bread recipe that turned out famously. The recipe is definitely a keeper. That makes for 3 recipes I’ll have to share with you very soon! …Make that 4, I also made another batch of homemade laundry detergent.

I celebrated “Quatro de Mayo” with Kim. We couldn’t get together on Cinco – so Quatro it was! We both adore Mexican food and we never need a reason to indulge in a couple margaritas, so it was even better that we had a “legit” excuse. I’d also never been to Trader Joe’s so we were sure to choose a restaurant near one so Kim could show me the ropes! I left with some fresh produce (I was shocked with the prices! Organic produce for less than “regular” stuff at a “normal” grocery store!) and cookie butter. Yes, cookie butter. Heaven in a jar. The strangest purchase was some Medjool Dates. I tried them in a smoothie this morning, but forgot to put ice in. Whoops. The flavor was great, but I couldn’t finish it because it was a bit warm and unfortunately, Craig and I aren’t awesome enough to have an ice maker in our car.

Saturday night we watched Django Unchained. You know, I actually liked it quite a bit! It wasn’t quite as gory as what some of Quentin Tarantino’s films are. I was also super surprised by the ending. Without giving too much away, can I just say that I’m not used to “happy” endings with his films?

Sunday flew by. We did all of our laundry, some spring cleaning and yard work. I love being able to have all the windows open and the sun shining in. It makes our home feel so much cleaner and happier. We ran some more errands to pick up some flowers, grass seed, and charcoal. We planned on grilling out to take advantage of our deck, but our friends Tom and Lindsey invited us over last-minute for a cookout at their place. It’s much more exciting when we can load up the dogs and spend an evening with our friends and fur buddies. I made a Southwestern Black Bean Salad that I also plan on sharing with you all. Leftovers for lunch today, YUM.

weekend Collage

It was definitely an action-packed weekend. It finished with five recipes that I plan to share with you. The sunshine left me in such a happy place. I hope everyone has a happy, sunshine-filled week!

On the way to BBQ'ing and giving Craig a headache

On the way to BBQ’ing and giving Craig a headache


One response to “Lean, Mean, Baking Machine!

  1. Excited for the recipes … particularly the chocolate pancakes!!

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