Already an Accepted Offer

This weekend was a whirlwind.  As I mentioned last week, we recently signed a contract with a buyer’s agent and secured pre-approval for a loan.  Knowing what price range we wanted and other characteristics that were important to us, we set up four homes to view Saturday morning. Here were the “biggies” for us: updated kitchen, fenced in yard, 2 car garage, 3+ bedrooms.

We received an email of the homes and addresses from our agent Friday night. She also threw in a two-bedroom that she felt could easily be made into a three-bedroom and had pretty much everything else on our “list.” After viewing the pictures online, we were in love. Everything was gorgeous, BUT it was only two bedrooms. We were still excited to see it.

The two-bedroom was the first we saw and we loved it. LOVED it. Our agent said that there were already two offers in on it (it had just gone on the market the day before!). Not wanting to get overly excited, we kept our cool and continued to the other three homes.

Two of the other three were easy write-offs for me. I walked in the front door and was immediately turned off. Whether it was icky carpet, outdated appliances, no fenced yard, these other two were missing two or more items on our list. Apparently, we hadn’t been super diligent in our picture stalking. We are in a low pressure buying situation because our lease doesn’t run out until next year, so we were trying to be open-minded. It also meant I wasn’t going to easily compromise.

The fourth home had been our favorite via pictures. Three bedrooms, LARGE fenced in yard, outside the city, just quaint. Sadly, the pictures must have been a little bit out-dated. There is currently a tenant in the home and it’s obvious it hasn’t been well taken care of. We found many discrepancies and I felt a little sad about it. But, then again, this was also a home on the upper end of our price range, so it just made it easier to walk away.

Craig and I took the plunge and put a third offer in on the first home we saw. The adorable two-bedroom. I’m so happy our agent took a chance with us on this one. We hadn’t even been considering two-bedrooms. But, seeing how easily this one can accommodate a third bedroom and it having everything else on our list, made it a no-brainer. We sat down at a Starbucks and wrote our offer, right then and there! They were presenting the offers to the owner that afternoon – we’d have an answer that night!

After we finished, I headed straight to Janesville. Thankfully, I had other things going on, so I was able to remain distracted. Craig heard from our agent around 7pm. First word he heard was, “CONGRATULATIONS!” Because it had taken so long, we both thought that the owners had accepted a different offer, but they didn’t! I’ve included just a few pictures from the listing page – I can’t wait to get our own things in there and make it our home!


We are set to close July 30th, just so long as the home inspection and everything else goes well. We will be busy little bees the next couple months, packing and getting paperwork in order…and finding a subleaser for our apartment. Given the location of our rental, I don’t think we should have too big of an issue, but it’s still an unknown. Keep your fingers crossed for us.



It’s funny to me that I added this page to my blog, expecting this to be a long, drawn-out process, when in reality it has gone SO FAST. I’ll still continue to post about the rest of our experiences and I’m sure I will continue to use the page once we are in the home to post projects and other fun home-related things. YAY FOR BEING A HOME BUYER (ALMOST!)!!!


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  2. You close on my birthday… 🙂

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