The Room of Living

Day one of half marathon training in the books!  I even talked Craig into joining me, so that was a nice surprise. I really enjoyed running in the dark.  The trial is really flat and straight so I didn’t have to worry too much about tripping.  Best part was the lack of sunshine beating down on me though!


Next up: the living room.  We plan to purchase new living room furniture – we just aren’t sure when.  We’ve been looking, but we just haven’t found exactly what we are looking for.  We’re stuck between reclining furniture and just getting a great big (pretty, patterned) ottoman.  Anyone have any opinions on that?  I, for one, hate the way recliners look, but do quite enjoy their comfort!

living room 2||source||

I love the colors and patterns.  Though, if I’m honest, a rug like that would never work in our home and Craig would never ever buy that chair.  Even if he had a recliner on the other side of the room.

living room 3||source||

I love the couch and chair.  I love the size and idea of the ottoman, though I can’t say I’m a huge fan of this one in particular.  Craig and I have pretty much agreed that we won’t have a coffee table, but it’d still be nice to have something to prop your feet up on!  Plus, it can double as seating if you have a number of people in your home!

living room 4||source||

Again, the patterns and colors!  Love!  Not sure how the light colors I’ve been loving lately will work out with 2 dogs, who will be running around a fenced-in back yard and with the kiddos we may have one day…

Living Room||source||

I love every single thing about this.  The chair, ottoman, glass doors, decoration.  Swoon.

living room 5||source||

My favorite for last!  The colors, pattern, texture, couch, chair, EVERYTHING.  I swooned at the last picture, but this time I’ve flat-out keeled over.  I love this room.  So, so much. Which sort of funny the more I look at it – these last two are quite different, aren’t they?

What do you all think?  Am I nuts for the color palette I covet, given the fact I have dogs and babies on the brain?  What do you think of the patterned ottomans?  Leave your thoughts and links to posts you’ve written recently about a living re-do of your own!


2 responses to “The Room of Living

  1. Love the straight lines of last photo. I do not like “wallowing” cushy, comfy furniture. I think it looks messy all the time. I like the color and pattern schemes. Experiment with color on walls. Took me years to be brave but love it!!

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