The Great Outdoors

Huge news in my family!  Thursday was cray-zy.

1. I was flippin’ accepted to law school, guys.  I had sort of “let that dream go” and had started working on an alternative plan.  Wouldn’t you know that the moment I’ve moved on, the best kind of reality comes crashing back in.  I start Tuesday.
2. I presented to my largest group ever last night.  We’re talking 200-plus people.  And I didn’t fall over or make a complete fool out of myself.  Even though I was on a crazy emotional high from receiving my law school news literally 15 minutes before going on.  Win.
3. We were in our house last night! AH! We dropped off a few totes to empty rather than buy more.  So crazy.  It’s so pretty.  I’m so excited.
4. My kid sister is headed to Spain!  Yes, she is brilliant; yes, she is bilingual.  And now she gets to head overseas and make us all envious of her European lifestyle.  I’m so excited for her.  It was hell trying to get her Visa straightened out, but she persevered and has all of her documents in for processing.  Way to go, kid.
To say I’m on an emotional high of sorts today would be an understatement.  Whew.  Good thing I have the weekend to recover.  Oh, wait, that’s right.  I don’t.  We are moving!  Wahoo!


Well, yesterdays post left Craig with some very strong feelings.  We are able to chat online while we are at work, and the arrival of my post to his inbox prompted the following – And I quote:

Craig: garage is my territory. get back in your territory
…and a little bit later on:
Craig: you stay out of the garage and basement
It made me laugh quite a bit.  Well, I suppose if that is what he wants, he better get used to the idea of me just doing whatever I please in the other spaces that he has since deemed “my territory.”  Mwahahaha.
Finally, we’re moving outside!  Thanks for sticking with me this week and offering so many great tips, tricks, and ideas!  I’m beyond excited to load up tonight to move tomorrow!  Our home will be a clean slate for us to do with what we please.

You’re going to recognize these first two inspirations from yesterday.  Jen, from IHeartOrganizing, and Cassie, from Hi Sugarplum! are just beyond talented.  Look at these outdoor spaces!  Wowza.


I love the out door rug!  Though, our deck is a very dark brown color, so I don’t foresee me being able to go too color crazy until the day we decide to lighten it up.  But, the mixture of patterns, the chairs, and table are so nice.  Very classy!  Another fabulous project completed by Jen!


Hello color and happiness!  I’m digging the mixture of patterns and the furniture.  It’s so cheerful!  And that table in the lower right corner?  Yeah, that was a DIY project of Cassie’s.  No biggie.  It’s only awesome.  I love this space.  Like, love, love, it.  This combined with her garage space I shared yesterday, she just may be too talented for her own good.


Our deck is massive.  Craig and I are trying to decide how we want to furnish it.  Do we want a table and chairs to eat at?  More comfy chairs like what Cassie has above?  Someday I’m sure we can do both, but money doesn’t grow on trees, so right now we are going to have to make the choice.  We are leaning towards the comfort part.  Craig and I aren’t huge on eating outdoors anyway.  The weather has to be perfect for that to happen.  It can’t be windy.  And their can’t be bugs.  So, basically, we do it once a year. ha. In the meantime, we can sit in our dining room and open all the windows.  Sounds good.  But, in the meantime I will just admire this picture of a combination patio/deck.  Purrrrdy.


The colors! The rug! The tent/awning/thingie.  So great!


It’s those light colors again, guys!  This is so pretty!  I don’t think it’s feasible with two dogs that will undoubtedly be running around with muddy paws.  But, a girl can dream.

Thanks for humoring me this week!  I had a lot fun going through to find some of my dream spaces.  Thanks again for all of the thoughts that you’ve offered up this week.  Maybe some point down the road I’ll do another mini-series for bathrooms, laundry, dining room, etc.  Until then – wish me luck!  We loadin’ up and headin’ out!

Outdoor space: what do you all think?  Any tips for making outdoor furniture multi-functional?  Anything you’ve learned while doing your own space?  Let me hear it!


4 responses to “The Great Outdoors

  1. First- a huge congrats! That is so awesome on your big news. Second- I’m totally jealous of your big back porch. I’d die to recreate that last picture (especially the wine barrel side tables) but lack of space and the same muddy paw issue would make doing something like that not the least bit worth it. Loving all your decorating posts! My only advice is to live in the space for a bit before making big decisions. Get a feel for the flow of the rooms, and then start picking furniture that works for the space.

    • Thank you! And that is great advice, because I’ve been SO gung-ho and getting it decorated asap. Craig has your thoughts…and now I’m thinking maybe I need to take a chill pill! Ha. Sometimes it helps to hear it from someone else…

  2. Law School!!!! That’s so awesome, Jess! I don’t have much experience with decorating the outside if the house, but Will’s cousin has a huge back deck, and they actually have an outdoor dining table with chairs AND a little conversation area (stocked with a table and seating for 4). It was very functional and had great flow. Who says you can’t have the best of both worlds?! 😀

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