Back At It

First night of class tonight. Cue: self-doubt and meltdown.

Another reason I have the greatest employer ever:  being able to call on a Monday that I’m off to ask last minute for Tuesday off.  For the sole reason that I’m scared shitless to step foot back into the classroom.  A law classroom at that.  Hasn’t anyone seen Legally Blonde?!  I have to be PREPARED.  They could just call on me – even if I don’t raise my hand.  *gasp*

Haha, but really.  It’s intimidating for me.  When I was in grad school, I could get by without having to read every.single.word assigned.  But, they also didn’t just randomly call people out in class.  I refuse to be that girl that has no idea what is going on.  Again, haven’t you seen Legally Blonde?  I have the blonde part taken care of, I don’t want to get the the air-headed part.  SN: Thankfully, Elle was quite successful.  😉

So, yesterday I read about 1/4 of the reading I need to have done for tonight.  I’m doing the rest today.  Yesterday ended up being a jam-packed, funnn day with my kid sister.  We grabbed lunch and went furniture shopping!

Thanks, Kels for posing on various couches.  She insisted on acting like she was “entertaining” people.  So glad she did, it was so helpful!  tehehe

furniture 60s

I love, love, loved this couch.  It was real leather.  So soft.  A unique color, but I totally think we could’ve rocked it.  Craig refused.  It was “too 80’s.”  Dear Craig, it’s actually more like 60’s, but that’s okay.  He put his foot down.  It’s still living at the store.  I’m a little sad.

furniture black

I also loved this.  It was black/white patterned (herringbone, maybe?), which helped make it look more gray.  Ultimately, we decided that the dogs could potentially leave too much of a mess on a fabric couch.  They shed quite a bit.

furniture leather

This was the winner.  You can’t beat that it was in the clearance section and it was really nice!  The leather was tough, so I doubt the dogs’ claws will do damage.  And leather will be easier to wipe clean should something be spilled or muddy paws find their way onto it.  Because it’s dark, the living room paint most certainly needs to be lightened up.

Thanks again, Kels, for you wonderful modeling skills!

Time to get serious, folks.  I’ll be spending the remainder of my day doin’ my readin’, writin’, and ‘rithmatic.  Because after the little show I put on this morning (crying to my husband on the phone while he is at work, yes, literally crying), I know I have a lot of work to do to get started on the right foot.


3 responses to “Back At It

  1. You are going to do fantastic tonight! I can’t wait to hear how your first class goes!

  2. I love the new couch. Haha your sister is so cute. Next time I furniture shop I’m making my brother go with me to do just that. Haha Have a great night!

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