Five on Friday

After the week I’ve had, I’m on autopilot today.  TGIF is a flippin’ understatement!

I’m linking up with something new today – Five on Friday!

ONE – I will be practicing this all weekend.  To “one up” this – if that cupcake has sprinkles you have to be smiling.

The simplest of truths...

TWO – Special delivery!  I absolutely love 99.9999% of my co workers.  Today, Mel brought me in some flowers for our new home!  I’m excited to get them planted this weekend.  Next week she said she is bringing me herbs!  She is too much!  In these bags are Columbine (will be purple flowers), Coreopsis (will be yellow) and a mystery European flower.  Mel’s elderly neighbor has a friend bring them for her from Europe ages and ages ago.  She hasn’t been able to figure out what they are.  Also, look at the pretty vine plant making its way up our pergola.  YAY flowers!

flowers collage

THREE – Do you know how much fun I have packed into the next three days!?  Dinner date with Kels tonight (last time I’ll see the rascal before she goes so Spain!), lunch date with Laura and the gang and a pit stop to see Grandma Faye tomorrow, Sunday, an ALL-DAY play date with Kim (eeeeeeeeeeek), wrapped up with a couple other friends joining us for a BBQ, and Monday, heading to celebrate Craig’s gma and gpa’s anniversary.  I’m so excited to recap it next week!

FOUR – I’m officially registered for my fourth half marathon!  Time to crack down and get serious about running.  I found my iPod touch (well actually, Craig did!) when we were moving, so I’m happy to have all of my “good” running music back.  But, it’s like 2nd generation, so I can’t use running apps on it.  Guess I’ll have to buy a GPS watch this weekend – good thing Kimmie will be here to show me the goods!

FIVE – I never thought today would come!  Ever!  (How is that for dramatic?)



Have a fun, fabulous, SAFE holiday weekend!

For picture sources, check out my Pinterest page!

3 responses to “Five on Friday

  1. Yayyyyy! Get ready because there is going to be lots of cupcake eating and fun having on Saturday! And if you buy a GPS watch…do I buy a computer? Haha, are you sick of hearing about this 🙂

  2. Yay sounds like such a fun weekend! Enjoy!

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