Y’all Don’t Want to Follow Me Here

Well, this is it.  The last time I’ll be posting on my wordpress.com site. 

Forevermore you will find me on my wordpress.org site.  I’ve gotten a few additional followers here since moving to being self-hosted.  If you want to keep up, you’ll have to resubscribe at http://whattheefff.com it IS different than what you see here.

If you’ve started following me since September 1, 2013, come play with me at the new and improved What The Efff, you won’t hear from me if you don’t!  If you haven’t gotten any posts except these (one | two), then you aren’t subscribed correctly and your missing some good shiz like Where I Come From and My Golden Nugget.

If you click “follow” at the top of this page, you’re following this site, not the new one.

This is Jess M, signing off from whattheefff.wordpress.com – now only to be found at http://whattheefff.com.  overandout.



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