Who is Who

My family and friends are quite fantastical. And as they will likely come up quite frequently, here is the opportunity to put a face to the name.

You’ve already met my other half, Craig. Isn’t he cute!?


Craig works for a general contractor. In his spare time he likes to kill zombies (COD, anyone!?), harass our dogs, and occasionally I can guilt him into a run or two. He unknowingly committed to running half marathon with me last May. It was a birthday gift of mine to him (pretty crappy gift, eh?). But, he was a trooper. Not to mention it was something super-special for us to accomplish together.


This my most beautiful best friend and little sister Kelsey. Goll, I love her to pieces.


Kels is the funniest, most sarcastic person you’ll ever meet. She is brilliant, beautiful (I said that already, didn’t I?), and brave. She had done things I wouldn’t dream of doing (rock climbing, anyone?).


I’ve learned a lot from her about patience and learning to just roll with whatever comes your way.

Mom and Pops.


They’re pretty rad. I was a lucky, lucky girl growing up.

I had a mama that got to stay at home with us and make sure that we had the opportunity to do whatever it is we pleased. Thanks, mom!


Dad is pretty freakin’ awesome, too. At one point he wore the hat of office man, iron worker, cowboy, and motorcycle dude. I think that is what I model my multiple identities after. He did them all, and he did them all fantastically. Talk about a couple fabulous role models.


Myles and Rudy
Yeah, they get their own section, too.


I adopted Myles right after I finished my bachelor’s degree. He was totally neurotic, but hey…I guess I am, too. We struggled for a bit to “fit” together, but now…now I can’t imagine my life without him. He has seen me through more than any one individual person in my life. He knows when I’m happy, sad, mad – and nine times out of ten he can fix me. Gah, I love that little black ball of fur.


And then there is Rudy. Oh dear lord, Rudy. He was found on the campus I was working on in Tennessee, along with 4 of his brothers. I couldn’t possibly resist that cute little face. With incessant begging and pleading, I finally got Craig to agree to allow me to bring him home, but “only if he was flea-free.” Um, well. He wasn’t flea-free. That was awesome in our tiny, icky Tennessean apartment, but we got through it. He literally ingests everything he can possibly find. Not just, “Oh shoot, the dog chewed my shoe.” More like, “Hey, babe have you seen my black scarf?” …and then the next morning finding it out in the yard in the little treasures Rudy “plants.” He is bossy. He is a big baby. He is a cat. Wait, no, he isn’t a cat, but sometimes he might as well be. Weird little dog. Loveable little dog. Rudy.


And of course I can’t forget some of the best friends a girl could ask for. Can you tell I just got married? It’s like a wedding threw up on this page…




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