Hjem. Home.

A large part of my ancestry is Danish.  Hjem is Danish for home.  Welcome to our home.

Craig and I have recently bought our first home!  Looking back on some of my previous posts, I realized that while I love you all, some of this blog is simply so I can document life’s big occurrences.  I think you’d agree that the journey of being a first-time homeowner is a pretty flippin’ big occurrence.  Therefore, if you’re interested – you can check back here for updates!


Finding a Buyer’s Agent & Lender: Our experiences thus far in the home buying process. We’ve found an agent and lender to work with! Let the house hunting officially begin!


Already an Accepted Offer
: Within a week of signing a contract with a buyer’s agent and getting pre-approved, Craig and I have had an offer accepted on our first home! So long as the home inspection checks out and we get our butts in gear with paperwork, we will be closing July 30th!

FRONT OF HOME question

The Dreaded Appraisal: We didn’t think there was much standing between us and our first home purchase.  …Until our appraisal came back.  Much too far under the accepted offer to get financing.  Where to go from here?



The Dreaded Appraisal Part Dos: After a stressful week or so, we finally have some answers.  And we are finally moving in the right direction again!  My piece of advice for first-time buyers?  Cover your own bootie!

I’m not by any stretch of the imagination a real estate professional. I’m only sharing what I have learned and what our experiences are. It could differ depending on situation or location. Though I am being honest about our personal experience, please don’t take this as fact.


3 responses to “Hjem

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  2. Where is this lovely home located? I love the kitchen. I am sure you will to since you love to cook. You have an awesome looking backyard. I miss the wonder of the big beautiful green lawns of Wisconsin.

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